Urban Patch Creative Director John Moore presents the Indy Redbud Project at the IndyHub 5x5 competition | image credit: IndyHub


Do somthing to make people fall in love with Indy and their neighborhood

The Indy Redbud Project is a community identity and environmental art project. Indy’s inner city has had a long and difficult past including challenges around housing, health, education, crime, jobs and wealth-building, and the environment. Once thriving communities across the city are now burdened with vacant lots, a degraded environment, and limited positive community interactions. Indy needs some love. So how can we innovatively, creatively and sustainably help our neighbors and fellow Hoosiers fall in love again with and populate the urban heart of Indianapolis? Our idea is simple – make it beautiful. Redbud trees are native ornamental trees that can populate streets, yards, and neighborhoods with pinks and magentas each spring. The trees are versatile, and easy to propagate. They can grow in the shade or sun, wet or dry, and even the poor soil conditions found in many vacant lots and difficult open spaces. The project is to create a program to cultivate and plant redbud trees throughout an Indy community and to create a new seasonal annual event to help bring people to love our urban neighborhoods.


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